24 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Eep, so you moved your blog? I commented on the other one, heh. Anyway, I’ll just copy-paste what I said over there. :D

    Hi, Kat! Found your blog through your comment on my blog. Great introduction in Korean–좀 부럽네~! I can’t write well in Korean. ㅠㅠ

    And what a coincidence, I was also a UPM student a few years back (I was a CAMPer!).

    I’ll be subscribing to your blog as well! 우리 열심히 공부하자!

    1. oh yeah, i’m sorry about the confusion!

      WOW! Your also from UPM? Small world! Haha. Thanks for subscribing. Really glad to have found your blog!

  2. Nice to meet you. 만나서 반가와요!
    Your Korean is so nice! 한국어를 정말 잘 하시네요.
    I`m learning English and Chinese. 저는 영어롸 중국어를 배워요! ^^

    방방~ bangbang~ ♪

    Reply ↓
    I`m learning English and Chinese. 저는 영어와 중국어를 배워요! ^^

    방방~ bangbang~ ♪

    1. Hi thank you so much! :D And another thanks for adding me to your blogroll. will add you on mine too :)

  3. wow, You’re living in Hanoi . That’s really cool , i’m vietnamese but living in Ho Chi Minh city . I often read your blog but I never think that you’re living in Vietnam now. Hope you have a great time in our country.

    1. wow! you’re from HCM? how awesome is that! I hope we could meet someday. haha. Thank you for reading my blog!

  4. Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog and following! Sorry that it has taken me so long to reply.

    I studied in UPM a few years ago, but I didn’t get to finish my course since I had to move to Singapore. I went over to skim through your blogger too, and yes I feel that we have so much in common!

    God bless!

  5. Found your blog =) your Korean is great =) I added you to my blogroll =) weird I have been studying Korean for two years (very on and off like 5 months out of each year hehe) you need to give me tips =)

    Nice to meet you =)

    1. Hi. Thanks for adding me up to your blogroll. Hope to see you around blogworld. ;) will be posting more tips/blogs soon ;)

    1. hi thanks for nominating me, is this still ongoing? or has it ended already? I’ve been out of the blogworld for some time now. haha sorry ^^

  6. Interview KSGP
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