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Guimaras is a beautiful small town just 15-minutes from Iloilo City by boat. For a day each, there are two kinds of tours you may want to take in Guimaras: land tour or island hopping. Pressed with time and because it was just a quick sidetrip from work, we opted for a land tour.


Ortiz Wharf is the common jump-off point of tourists and locals alike. The boats from this pier will take you to Jordan. The other pier, the Parola Wharf, will take you to Buenavista.

When you get to Ortiz Wharf, buy your ticket (14 pesos only, one-way) located at the left side right before you walk through the pathway leading to the boats (we walked straight to the boat and had to walk all the way back to buy our ticket huhu). The name of your boat is indicated on your ticket. Then, write your name on the registration table at the entrance.ย 

Cost of one-way ticket: 14 php

Boat Schedule: Boats leave every 15 minutes from 5:30 AM to 7:30 PM daily. Boats from Guimaras to Iloilo, on the other hand, leaves every 15 minutes from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM daily.


Tricycle drivers you meet at the port in Jordan offers the following tours:

  1. Php 1, 500: All major attractions within town + 2 long distance trip*
  2. Php 1,200: All major attractions within town + 1 long distance trip*

*Long distance trip is a choice between the Guisi Lighthouse or Guimaras Windmills. These are located on the opposite ends of Guimaras with around an hour travel time.

If you have limited time, then I recommend taking the tricycle tour. The tricycle drivers are very friendly and used to tourists. They can even be your personal photographers because they know the best spots for your instagram-worthy shots!

The tour includes the following destinations:


It’s small. Nothing really special.


I’m a super fan of Jericho Rosales, my ultimate celebrity crush and I had the Forevermore feels when we arrived at the Mango Research Center. Again, nothing much to explore here (unless you want to know more about planting or processing maybe) but the view of the large mango trees is stunning. And, entrance is free anyway so just go.


This quiet place is also worthy of a quick visit.


I think this is my personal favorite among all the stops. The view from the light house is beautiful and it also provides a historical touch on your trip. ^^

And oh, you might want to check out the private beach resort located right down the lighthouse, the Guisi Beach Resort. If this trip was planned out a little bit better, we should have visit the lighthouse last and booked an overnight stay at the resort. Well now, that could be an option for you.


Don’t get your hopes high. The windmills are spread out, far from where your tour guide can take you. There are only at least 2 windmills within your reach but still worth visiting.

Before heading home, ask your driver to drop by THE PITSTOP and try the MANGO PIZZA!

The distance for the first 4 destinations is around 5-10 minutes ride. But the Guisi Lighthouse and Windmills needs around 30 minutes to 1 hour travel time. You got the whole day, so this tour is just right. You might even have extra time to visit resorts/beaches.

Surely, I’ll come back for the island hopping tour!

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