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KGSP: Just go for it!!!

I have been receiving tons of messages on my Facebook Page and comments here on my blog regarding the Korean Government Scholarship Program. I’m very happy to be able to help and journey with you through the process of what is both a frustrating and joyful road of the KGSP application. I’m also glad that this blog has served its purpose — to inspire and encourage dreamers like you and I!

And again… I’d like to send another encouragement to all of you who are now preparing their requirements as the deadline draws near.

A year ago, I was in your shoes. I understand all the frustration, doubt and fear that frequents your mind as you read the guidelines over and over again and prepare documents. I understand how exciting it is to imagine getting the call for interview, receiving the admission email and finally living that student life in Korea we all dreamed of! At the same time, I also know the pain of discouragement at times when you feel like there is no chance you’ll make it. I feel the frustration when you don’t have a single idea how to complete the forms and there is no trace of answer you can find — not even google can help (which is why I try to answer your questions as much as I possibly can!).

Then you ask,

“My grades are just average. Do I stand a chance?”

“I might not have as many awards and achievement as the other applicants. Do I stand a chance?”

“I am applying for this course, do I stand a chance?”

Trust me. I asked those, too. And here’s my answer:


But only if you give “chance” a chance.


I’m a dreamer who will be living the dream VERY SOON. Praise God! :)

And so you ask yourself more questions…

“Should I even bother with all this? Does it really matter?”

We are talking about your dreams! It absolutely matters! How much do you really want it? That’s the question.

“Will this document or award or achievement give me an edge?”


My grades were average. I did not have any awards. I did not have TOEFL nor TOPIK qualifications. But I was called for interview. I did not pass KGSP but I was given another scholarship. Oh the ways of the Lord! Indeed, it is always higher than ours!

See, it is never about us and what we can do. It is always about what He can do and what Jesus Christ has already done for us — die the death we should have died so that we may live the life He should have lived. What a beautiful destiny we have in Him.

In this journey, you can think of a hundred reasons why you won’t have a chance. A hundred more reasons why you should just give up. Add a hundred more to convince yourself it might not be worth it.

My dear, I tell you, there are thousands of reasons why you should just go for it! Find those and enjoy the process. You may or may not be accepted for the Korean Government Scholarship Program this year. Maybe not even in the next 5 years. This is not to discourage you but rather to encourage you that it doesn’t end here. KGSP will not and should never define who you are. Learn the lessons along the way and even with just that, you will come out of this victorious.

“I tried.” is always better than “What if I tried?

I had to wait 8 years before God finally opened the door. And it’s already been more than a year since I started the journey towards the dream. And very soon, by God’s grace, I will live the dream!

Our confidence must lie not in the documents that we have, not on the list of achievements we can enumerate in our application, but in the promise that God’s plans are always good, pleasing and perfect. With that promise, whatever the result may be, I am sure of one thing:

This life, this journey, will never end in ashes.

So I tell you, JUST GO FOR IT! Who knows… you might be next :)

2 thoughts on “KGSP: Just go for it!!!”

  1. 😭😭😭 huhuhu ateeee it’s exactly what I’ve been asking from the Lord. I’m hoping to open such blog after the experience, whether it’ll be successful or not. You are such a blessing! 😊 May you touch more lives as God continues to guide your path.

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