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[REVIEW] The Face Shop Velvet Skin Primer and Nature Republic Face Masks

Working in disaster response and recovery for the past two years in far-flung areas, it is almost impossible to pamper myself with facials, massages and other beauty regimens. So when I get the chance to go to the cities nearby or visit Manila for a business meeting and seminars, I make it a personal mission to get some products for my skin (it isn’t really that great so I need to take care of it with a little more effort, y’know).

Here’s a review of some of the products I picked up while in Manila earlier this month. Note: I am no professional when it comes to beauty products. Haha

The Face Shop Velvet Skin Primer 

Since I am always out in the sun and prone to oily skin, I need a primer that would hold foundation for the whole day. However, I also like something that could be easily washed off with the make up at night to prevent clogged pores. In my opinion, this primer does both.

As it says on its packaging, “covers pores, and fine lines to make uneven skin look smooth”. Well, it doesn’t only look smooth but feels smooth and smells good, too. However, for a thrifty soul like me, it’s a bit pricey at Php 695.


Nature Republic Face Masks

I’ve tried face masks from Watsons and that of The Face Shop several times and decided to give Nature Republic a shot. I must say this will go on the top of my list. It leaves your skin hydrated, feeling soft and gives you that glow in the morning :)

I think the only negative point on this product is that it dries up quickly. You really have to use it for only 15-20 minutes! Unlike other face masks I’ve tried which I extend the use up to 30 minutes.

It comes with different main ingredients such as Avocado, Tomato, Royal Jelly, etc and costs around Php 55. It’s a good deal!!! You can choose depending on what you want to achieve with your skin. I chose Cucumber and Aloe which are good for my struggle with acne scars and dark spots.


Regardless of whether you have a problematic skin or not, I think feeding our skin with natural juices is a good practice with positive effects! So let’s go ladies!

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