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After years and years of self studying Korean, I have finally decided to take my first ever TOPIK this coming October. With that goal in mind, I have been taking my Korean study schedule very seriously these days (I hope I will be able to sustain this though, with the work I’m doing, 어떡해~!!!). For the past years, I have been doing the same routine so I looked for other kstudy ways to keep myself motivated to improve my skills particularly in handling conversations in Korean. I’m glad I did because I was able to gage where I’m at now.

Last night, I searched for a language exchange app and found HelloTalk on Play Store. So here’s a review of the app.


First, you can set up you profile by indicating your native language and the language you are learning. This way, you can easily match up with other language learners. You may also write an introduction or some more details about yourself on your profile.


There’s a status update tab which works just like facebook where people can like a post and leave comments. The plus is that you can also post corrections on the post through the press and hold option which I have a screenshot below for the details on how each feature symbol works. It’s quite convenient to use :)




When you make or receive corrections on posts, chat messages or comments, it shows a very detailed reply as shown in the screenshot below. In my opinion, it is very helpful to see where you made a mistake and take note of it so you can review/study about it later on. You may also ask your “new HelloTalk friend” how to use certain grammar rules or how to express something more naturally. You’ll get instant replies from native speakers!


I’ve been on it for just a day but I’m totally hooked. ㅋㅋㅋ I’m glad I can now hold a decent conversation in full Korean without getting into panic mode when I encounter difficult words. Yay!!! Achieved!

I think I’ll be using this app on a regular basis now. Hahaha. Making new friends and improving my Korean language skill is like hitting two birds with one stone. ^^



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