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Hong Kong Transportation

Among all the places and countries I’ve been to so far, I’d have to say Hong Kong has the best transportation system for its convenience, safety/security, cleanliness and access.


The first thing to do when you arrive at Hongkong Airport is to buy your travel buddy/bestfriend: THE OCTOPUS CARD. Though you may also pay cash for bus rides or buy a single journey ticket for MTR, it’s very convenient to have the Octopus card with you all the time to save time and avoid lines (though there isn’t much) and use it when you need to buy something at 7-Eleven and ran out of cash! It’s also very easy to reload and there are lots of reloading machines inside the MTR Stations. Here’s a video on how to reload your Octopus card:

It takes less than a minute!

Go around via MTR:

Riding the MTR is very easy and convenient. It will get you to your destination in no time. It’s very accessible as there are lots of entrances and exits whichever may be the nearest to your location. You can also change lines without going out of the station (unlike the Philippine MRT/LRT). It really amazed me how Hongkong’s MTR was well planned out.


Don’t get intimated with the photo above. As long as you know how to read, you won’t get lost in Hongkong. There are signs and directions everywhere and it’s in English. Also, inside the train, you can keep track of the stations with the map located on top of the door with blinking circles and arrows to indicate the current and next station. Awesome, right?


Although most people uses the MTR every day, I never experienced a terrible rush hour. The train is always on time with a monitor that states how many more minutes before the next train arrives.



Go around via Bus:

The double-decker buses in Hongkong are also cheap, very convenient and accessible. It’s very organized by numbers and stops. Queues for the buses are also separated by bus no. so you have to look out for your specific bus number.



You may also go around via taxi but of course, be prepared for an expensive bill!

There you go, enjoy the ride in Hongkong!

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