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Hongkong – Macau Itinerary and Budget 2016

How much do you need for a 4 days and 3 nights Hongkong – Macau trip? Less than Php 20,000 ALL IN including round trip airfare!

Let me share our itinerary and budget during our trip. This is not our original itinerary but since it rained heavily during our first day in HK, we had to move our Ocean Park adventure to the last day and cancel our Ngong Ping Crystal Cable Car schedule :( Well, looking at the brighter side of the situation, I now have a reason to come back to HK, right?

Day 1: Arrival, Avenue of Stars and Symphony of Lights

Day 1 Itinerary
Day 1 Itinerary and Budget

Day 2: Macau Tour, Mongkok Ladies’ Night Market 

Day 2 Itinerary
Day 2 Itinerary and Budget

Day 3: The Peak, Madam Tussauds Wax Museum, Sky Terrace, Hongkong Disneyland

Day 3 Itinerary
Day 3 Itinerary and Budget

Day 4: Ocean Park, Departure

Day 4 Itinerary and Budget
Day 4 Itinerary and Budget


  1. Buy the octopus card worth 150 HKD upon arrival at HK Airport. You may only use 100 HKD as the remaining 50 HKD is the deposit and you may refund it at the airport before you leave.
  2. Food in Hongkong is really expensive so we opted to buy breakfast good for 3 days at 7-11. We only eat out for lunch and dinner.
  3. To save money from drinks which costs around 10-15 HKD (PHP 60-90), bring water along with you any where.
  4. Our hotel is worth 580 a night for 3 people. So we paid 580 each for 3 nights. Read: HONGKONG HOTEL REVIEW: GOLDEN CROWN GUESTHOUSE.
  5. Most hotels or guesthouses offer cheaper ticket prices for major attractions such as Disneyland, Ocean Park and The Peak.
  6. For our Macau trip, we paid 150 HKD/person for a tour guide as we only have a few hours of stay there. We would waste so much time if we were to figure it out by ourselves. To be more efficient and make good use of our little time in Macau, we hired a tour guide.
  7. As you may have noticed, we wake up kinda late. It was “bed weather” during our entire stay. READ: What to wear for your Hongkong and Macau trip in March?

TOTAL BUDGET:  HKD  2851.67 =   PHP 17,110.00

+ AIRFARE: PHP 2,345 (Round trip promo)


Shopping budget not yet included. It is up to you. of course!


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