Life Updates

December 1st

Hi Mom,

I have been praying and praying about my career and what God really wants me to do. You know I am still waiting for that “big break” to come along. I don’t know when God will finally give it to me. I have asked Him why it’s taking Him too long. haha. But I learned, God gives us according to our abilities. Maybe I am not yet ready for something big nor am I ready for something great. I think that is still beyond what I can do. I believe I will get there someday but I need to learn more about being faithful in the little things He has already entrusted to me. I keep on looking forward, looking ahead without noticing I have been neglecting what was already given to me……  I will focus on our GOLD ministry. It’s starting and I think it’s time for it to be watered so that it will grow more and more.

Since I was young, I have always believed that I will touch lives, I will travel, meet people and inspire them like you did. Before, I thought I will do it by becoming a manager, a director of a big big NGO like you. I didn’t know that it was simply by sharing the Gospel and the love of God.

One thing I have really learned ever since I got here in Davao, life is not about OUR name, it’s about HIS name. so  I’m enjoying my season. while I’m here, i’ll do the GOLD project and invest in the lives of our young members.

Love you, Kat

This was some parts of my loooong email to my mother in which I shared some reflections I had in one of my conversations with God.

Late November, I had to make a decision whether to do a new project, or maybe find another job — the kind of job which “fits” my undergrad course or something that satisfies the expectations of the people around me, even myself.

But I realized for the past months that I have been back in my hometown, that life is too short, too precious, meaningful and wonderful that it’s a waste living it for my own wants and desires, being frustrated that I couldn’t seem to make it happen fast. I can hear my mind say “this is what’s expected of you” “this is what you wanted to become” but where am I right now? In my eyes, it’s far different from what I have imagined myself to be in 5 years ago, when I first entered the gates of my dream university.

Then, I was reminded of the day I surrendered my life to Jesus. It meant that my life is no longer my own. It isn’t all about me anymore. It isn’t even about what other people think of me. My life is about Him. His will for me and His ways on how I should live my life. It’s not about making my dreams happen anymore, it’s about living out the destiny that God has set for me.

Yes, God knows the desires of our hearts and He can make our grandest dreams come true, according to His will. His plans are always better than my plans. So I let go and let God.

For the past six months, my profession was being a teacher. And I love it. I love my students, my colleagues, I love where I am right now. There are ups and downs, discouragements here and there, but it’s where God has placed me for this season. I will always choose to live it, enjoy it.

Til the next season of surprises… I will be in faith, waiting….

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