Life Updates

Mom’s here!!!

It’s truly a blessing and favor from the Lord to have my mom with me even for just a while before she leaves for the States. She was supposed to stay for just 2 weeks but it’s been over a month! I guess, God has been telling her to do some work for Him here while waiting. To know more about it, you may visit and like our page Giving Hope, Helping Lives, Inc.

I want to take this time to honor my mom. She’s not perfect, but she’s definitely a living testimony of the grace and faithfulness of God. I admire this woman who truly surrenders her life to the Lord everyday and lives for Him. A woman who lives to give life to others by sharing the love of God; who works not for men but for God. A woman who is rich in truth and wisdom. A woman whose generosity is overwhelming. A woman whose heart is full of hope, forgiveness and love. A woman whose beauty, inside and out, is inspiring. She is a blessing, a precious gem, a treasure.

When I see her, I’m always reminded of this verse:

She opens her arms to the poor
and extends her arms to the needy. – Proverbs 31:20
She has traveled half her life to reach out to the less privileged. She has touched lives in different parts of the world, wherever God has led her for the past years. So if there’s one more thing I can say about her, it’s that she has perfectly answered God’s calling of being a mother. Not only being a mother to me and my brothers, but most importantly to those who needed her regardless of race, gender, age or social status.

Her work that she was called to do, the people who have seen hope through it, I wouldn’t have traded it for my own selfish desires of having her by my side all the time.

She is…
…worth far more than rubies.
– Proverbs 31:10

I pray that God will guide her and bless the works of her hands.

I love you, mom!

Funny when I told her it’s a sequence photo, she didn’t move!!!

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