Life Updates

3 Reasons Why I came home

It has been three months since I came back and started a new life here in Davao. When I decided to leave my life in Manila and go back to a life that has become unfamiliar for me in so many ways, it came as a great shock to the people around me. They asked why? Did I pray for it? Others even doubted in my behalf suggesting that it might just be a spur of the moment decision.

While I maintained an open heart to receive their advices which I believe was founded in their love and concern for me, I stood firm in my decision. I just knew I had to do it.

1. I needed CHANGE. At that time, one thing I was sure of was the fact that I needed a change in my environment. I was filled with so much stress and negativity and felt that to start afresh in a new place would be a good idea.

2. After my grandfather died two days after our birthday last April, I considered it a revelation from God on how important family really is. It was heartbreaking to come back home for such a sad reason which led me to decide to come back and spend time with my Dad and other relatives after 5 years of living away.

3. It was another step of faith for me to come home and find out what God has in store for me in my hometown in terms of my career.

My life here is far different from my life in Manila. I learned to live humbly within my means and finally began to work on restoring my relationship with my Dad with Godโ€™s grace. After 3 months of living here, more reasons begin to unfold. God has been showing my why I am here. I just know I am where I am supposed to be at this season of my life. I may not know nor understand why things are happening sometimes but one thing is sure, God is working in my life. He has planned the best things for me. I would continue to hold on to this truth and let Him fulfill His will for my life.

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