Batangas, Philippines, Travel

Answered Prayer #2: BATANGAS TRIP

Just a week after the first answered prayer of going on a hike up a mountain, God immediately followed it up with another surprise! I had a overnight trip with friends at Moonlight Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas.

We drove there after our Friday night youth service and as soon as we settled in our cottage, everyone just went off to do their thing — some went for stargazing, music bonding and can you guess where the others went? Ofcourse, right off to the beach to have a midnight photoshoot! Hahaha.

The next day was an adventure. We rented a boat that brought us at the middle of the ocean to swim and snorkel for more than an hour. The weather was perfect, the view was great, the experience was unforgettable!

Thank you, God, for giving me awesome and beautiful sisters in the faith. I am truly blessed to have them.
*Photos by Pauline Calica

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