Life Updates


Photos and status updates of family outings, day/night-out with friends and so much food flood my instagram, twitter and facebook timelines the past three days. Of course, it’s Holy Week, the time of the year when, for some, they remember what Christ has done, others to simply do “religious activities” for the sake of tradition and maybe for some people it’s the best time to visit their hometowns and provinces to spend the long weekend with their loved ones and friends.

While my mom went to my brother’s place in Laguna, I stayed home here in Manila. I don’t know why but when they invited me to go with them, I said no and opted to stay.

I am so glad I did.

After I resigned from my work, I spent long hours asking God where to go next. I found myself just talking to Him and planning things out with Him. “Father, this is what I desire, this is what I am planning to do, is it okay? I present these to you and I pray that these are aligned with your will for me. If not, then please teach me, lead me to the right door.” How awesome it is that the King of kings, the majestic and most high God is interested in me and my whole life! That even though I do not know what to do, He is there to tell me, “It’s okay my dear child, I already have things planned out for you. Everything is perfectly under my control. No need to worry.” awwww, my little heart skipped a beat.

Another thing that I talked to God about was some matters of my heart. He reminded me of how he redeemed me from my past and now He has again refreshed me of the truth that He has wired in me a heart that longs for romance. In the depths of my feminine heart, beyond the walls that I have built growing up, there lies the truth that I, we women, long to be pursued and be loved. However, no matter how hard we try to find it in this world and in the people around us, we simply can not and that’s why we are left disappointed, wounded and frustrated most of the time.

Only Jesus can fully give the love that we have always longed for consistently, deeply and unconditionally. 

He is the BEST LOVER of our souls. Our life is a love story with the one who knows us best and the one who loves us most — JESUS. *kiliiiiig*

It was three days of being reminded of His love, of being in awe of His majesty and of looking back on the things that happened and what He has done for me, how He come through for me with His grace and faithfulness. I can not fully express in words this overwhelming love I feel at this very moment and I pray that I will be refreshed by it every single day of my life.

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