Life Updates

U-Night (Friday Youth Service)

This has been quite a funny thing for us who graduated from Uni last April. We should’ve moved on to the singles ministry but here we are still having fun with the “young ones”. And we’d always say we are “YOUTH FOREVER!”. There’s really no age in ministry anyway. Hahaha
This is one of the things I’ve missed so badly while being away for quite a while. Praise God for the fire of faith hasn’t ever and I believe will never stop burning in the hearts of this next generation.
Some take-home notes from the series:
1. God can take your limitations and propel you to your destination.
2. Faith is expecting without wavering.
3. It’s not about the dos and don’ts, it’s about your relationship with Him.
4. (From the story of Zacchaeus) We did not receive condemnation from Jesus even if we deserve it but instead He gave us love. We ought to extend this same love to the people around us. This kind of love changes lives. An encounter with Jesus changes lives.ย 
5. There is nothing impossible with God.
Have a blessed weekend ahead everyone!

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