Life Updates

November Dates

November is almost over and this has been a month of dates!

1. Date with cousins. My cousins flew in to Manila for my mom’s wedding (which I’ll be blogging about soon) and since they were only staying here for a few days we didn’t let any day pass without having fun. :) We went to Star City, an amusement park near our place, and played around like little kids. What I really appreciated about this was the fact that they both are over a decade older than I am but we still got along like we’re just of same age!

2. Date with Henessy. Have known this pretty girl for over 4 years now but since we were on different colleges, we didn’t get to spend time that much even after I graduated! So a few days ago, I just got home from work and sent her a message. We chatted for a while and decided to finally have a dinner date! We quickly logged off and rushed to our meeting place right there and then! Unplanned dates are always fun! It was so nice catching up with you, Ness! Excited for more dates!
3. Date with a very special girl – Jarah. Friends from church will know why this lady is so precious to me. The last time I spent time with her was right before I left for Hanoi 7 months ago! 7 months! I really thank God for such a sweet surprise earlier this week while I was sitting at a coffee shop, reading my bible. Such a sweet, sweet ad beautiful surprise it is when Jarah suddenly showed up… she was just passing by and saw me! :) Indeed, I was there at that exact place and time for a reason.
4. Date with Dianne. Finally spent time with this wonderful woman of God after our Friday night youth service. Thanks for all the stories and encouragement, girl! Truly blessed to have you!

Still a week more before November closes. More awesome dates with awesome ladies, God? Yes? Yay!

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