Life in Hanoi, Life Updates

Hanoi is where I learned to. . .

Love my name and love yoghurt :)
I’ve had several other nicknames growing up. Kat, Katha, Kath, Katy. But never did I use my whole first name, Katharine (yes, it’s the A not the usual E), when introducing myself to someone. I don’t know why but it sounds weird to me. But when I got here in Hanoi, people would actually say “Can i call you Katharine instead of Kat? I love that name. It’s beautiful.” or something along those lines. So everyone here calls me Katharine especially my friends from church. And I kinda just got used to it :))
So random, I know.
Another thing would be my new found love for yoghurt. I’m a huge fan of yoghurt ice cream but never the real yoghurt thing. When I first got here in Hanoi, I went to this ladies’ breakfast hosted by one of my mom’s friends, they served this local yoghurt product and so I decided to try it and I totally got addicted!!! Hahaha. Now, I always make sure to have a stock of yoghurt on our fridge :)

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