Learning Korean


I don’t know if this goes with everyone but when learning a new language we definitely should learn their writing system first, right? Especially studying languages which involves unique characters aside from the normal alphabet.The Korean, Japanese and Chinese writing systems are the best examples. (Or am I just biased because they’re my target languages to learn as of now. LOL)When I first started studying Korean and learn their writing system, I avoided romanized words or resources so much because I think it would not really help in our progress in writing, reading or even understanding the words/sentences.

This tendency of relying on romanizations would slow our learning progress.In Korean, the pronunciation of each character or syllable is different from how it is romanized. For instance, 해 is actually pronounced as “he”, with the soft ‘e’, but in normal romanizations it will be “hae” and is wrongly pronounced as “hey” sometimes. Even the romanization “he” will be said wrongly as ‘he’ which refers to a boy. I dunno if I am making any sense right now, but it’s difficult to explain how Korean pronunciation works through just writing and not actually speaking. LOL. Another example would be the Korean pronunciation conditions and exceptions. The pronunciation of some characters would depend on the last or the following character. For example, 음료수 is pronounced as “eumnyosu” but when romanized it will be pronounced as “eum-ryo-su”. Also, people tend to pronounce the romanized first syllable “eum” as “eyum”. Get it? HAHAHAHA.

But anyway, it all boils down to the point that romanization may help for those who are still new in the language in some ways but actually using it throughout the learning process would really not be a lot of help. I realized this things when a friend sent me a message and asked about the meaning of a particular Korean word but she wrote it in romanji that it actually took me some time before I was able to understand it. Another point that I was able to see my progress in the language :) So I think it would really help if you immerse yourself to the writing system as much as possible from the very start.

2 thoughts on “한글 VS HANGEUL”

  1. I agree!I'm a new learner. I have a Korean friend whose part of her name is Jung and always write it that way in email. After I started to know a bit of 한글, in one of my email, I ask her whether I write her name correctly. It turned out that instead of 중, like the way I wrote, I was supposed to write 정 for her name…Cheers!

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