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Habitat for Humanity Trip 2012

The team with the house owners
Last weekend, I went to Thai Binh province with the rest of the Young Adults team from our church here in Hanoi. We joined the Habitat for Humanity volunteer trip where we helped build a house for a family. It was such a long 3-4hour ride but very fulfilling. The smiles and warm welcome from the locals and the family was so heartwarming. This is why I really love doing volunteer work^^ Itโ€™s so good to know that even in such little ways you could make someone smile and feel better amidst all the problems around them. Another good thing about this trip is that all of us in the YA team who joined the trip were able to bond and get to know each other better. Too bad not everyone was able to join us though. We really had fun talking, laughing and playing cards before going to sleep or during lunch time. Hahaha
Here are some photos from the trip:
Photo credits to Tim, Khiet and Joanna (Thank you guys!)


Our Hotel
On the way to the site.


with pretty Mai :)


YA Team in action


YA Team in action :)


As Tim said, this is Rick “The Mix” Masters, our captain/team leader


short break


before heading back to Hanoi


God blessed us with a good weather on the first day — though it was still hot and humid, it wasn’t too sunny which made even a little bit of difference or else I might have passed out from the heat :) However, much to the disappointment of everyone, it rained the next day so we weren’t able to build. And though some were willing to proceed under such conditions, it was decided to just head back to Hanoi earlier than planned.
I’m looking forward to more trips with this team especially those projects for the less fortunate which I believe is the heart of everyone. 6 countries represented with one goal and heart = awesome!
After a long hard day’s work, some of us went to the nearby beach and some this interesting view!

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