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Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

May 15, 2012
Two weeks ago, after I met Elitia at church, she visited my mom’s office to donate some goods for a project mom’s org is currently implementing in a province in Vietnam. Oh, it was really nice of her to bring those all the way from Singapore :) And she inspired me with this idea! Next time I’ll visit another country, I’ll make sure to bless an org or do some volunteer work if possible. :D

It was really a perfect timing since I was also in my mom’s office when they dropped by. So after talking about the project and a little chit-chat, Elitia’s mom invited me to go with them in a 3-day cruise in Halong bay! — which I will be blogging next. Hahaha. So we went to this travel agency to book our cruise/tour and went to Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

Okay, will let the photos do the talking from here.

And here’s my favorite…
This is the mini-house exhibit.

And this is the actual one:
This traditional house is really huge. Check out the video below!
Finding me-meeeeeee!
Thanks Elitia dear for this photo!

Aside from the exhibits inside the museum building, they also have actual ones outside! Yes, they have this mini village of traditional houses which is very interesting. You can go inside and play! Hahaha. How I wish I had such when I was a little girl when I still play bahay-bahayan so that I won’t have to use blankets to make my own house-tent inside my parents room! Hahaha

3 thoughts on “Vietnam Museum of Ethnology”

  1. Hey Ron! Yeah, when I went to Myanmar, they had almost the same place too. With a building for some exhibits and then an actual mini-village outside. :D so cool!

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