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PHOTOLOG: Lifegroup and Mother’s Day

I’ve been quite busy, or maybe just lazy, the past week hence the lack of blog updates :) And now, I’ll be doing it in one go…

Last Thursday, I attended my first ever lifegroup here in Hanoi. I was so excited to finally meet new friends but also worried since I didn’t know how to go to the venue. So I decided to text a Vietnamese friend to take me to the address the lifegroup host gave me. Fortunately, it was just near my place so my friend picked me up with her very own motorcycle-scooter 30mins before 7pm. I was so excited especially when she handed me a very cute lady helmet! hahaha. It wasn’t my first time to ride a motorcycle since my older brother used to take me to school in a motorcycle back in Manila. But it was my first time here in Hanoi! As I’ve always tweeted, I thought I’ll be having a motorcycle-phobia or whatever you call it because of the scary motors here — and there are a lot of them! But when I hopped on and we drove off, it wasn’t really that scary. hahaha. I actually enjoyed it and I think I might get a license. It’s really more convenient going around Hanoi with a motorcycle instead of taking the bus which takes too long or a taxi which is expensive. Hopefully, soon….

I joined the young adults/young professionals’ lifegroup and I really had fun. The people were so accommodating and kind. And it really was amazing to witness different people from different nations come together in one faith. :) It was wonderful!

And last Sunday, mom and I went to church and met Elitia, a singaporean, who was visiting Hanoi with her mom for holidays. We just clicked right away and decided to have a Mother’s day double lunchdate together! And I really thank God for such a wonderful opportunity to meet these new friends. We really were blessed to know them.
Elitia and Mommy Janet
with my beautiful sister,ย oh I mean, MOM :)

We had a very meaningful Mother’s day lunch with our new found friends. I hope to spend time with them again soon! Yay!

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