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It’s been almost a week since I arrived here in Hanoi. But ever since I got here, I really haven’t blogged anything yet about my stay here. At first, I was too caught up settling down — cleaning the house, my room and  grocery shopping. I asked mom if I could take a week off first before I start ‘work’ and fortunately she agreed. So I’ve spent the past days here at home. My usual routine is to get up early to prepare breakfast, when mom goes to her office, I do some house chores, watch movies, eat, sleep and sleep! Hahaha. So yeah. That’s my life so far. I haven’t had the courage to explore the neighborhood yet, let alone the city. One main reason I have is because of the scary motorcycles! There are a lot of them. And they drive as if they own the road so yeah… scary! We really have to be very careful crossing the streets or even just walking on the sidewalks. Literal na nakikipagpatintero kami sa mga motor dito! Hahaha

Now I am finally starting to blog about my “Life in Hanoi” (I’ve added that tab on my menu yay!). But first, I want to dedicate this blog to the people I love back in the Philippines. I’ve been wanting to write a thank you blog for these people before I start my life here in Hanoi but haven’t had the time to do so. But anyway, here it goes.

I finally got my college degree and I’m now entering a new chapter in my life and I’m really grateful to God for giving me a very supportive family and friends.

To my family, thank you for being an inspiration and for constantly encouraging me. Especially my brother, Keith, who has been with me all my life. Thank you for being very supportive and for putting up with me all these years. hahaha. I know it isn’t a simple task taking care of a stubborn little sister like me but congratulations for surviving 20 years! :)

To my Devstud Block,  thank you for the four years of friendship! We may have misunderstandings and conflicts within the block but I’m glad to have met you guys. Thank you for all the moments we had together. Go Block 5! Cheers to all of us!

To my very own best-est friends in college — April, Kim, Marian and Anna, thank you for always being there! And I’m really glad that we made it together!!! If I would be given the chance to once again pick the group of friends I’d have in college, I’d still pick the four of you! You’ve definitely made my college life so much easier and colorful! Hahaha. Thank you for sharing so much memories with me, our out of town trips together, lunch dates, group study dates, and just all simple times together. I will surely miss you friends!

To LifeBox UPM, thank you! There’s nothing more I could say to express how much I truly feel about you guys. All of you are gifts from God I didn’t know I would ever have. :)

I’m truly blessed to be surrounded with these people. And as I think of it more, all I can do is just bow down with a grateful heart before God who has given me all these precious blessings. Thank you, Lord for the past 20 years that you have been with me.

And I’m very much looking forward to be spending tomorrow and forever with You! :D

New place, new life, new friends, new season… here I come!

…Be strong and courageous.
Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged,
for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.
– Joshua 1:9


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