Life Updates


The U-wide Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) gives students the opportunity to learn something new in a different way. With the help of the university student council and participation of several school organizations, students (mostly first and second year) signed up for the program/acle they’re interested in. We were excited about the ACLE but we weren’t expecting a lot of students to come. But wow, we were able to fill two classrooms! Before the ACLE started, students just keptcoming in until the assigned room for us were filled that some students even had to sit on the floor but we’re glad they’re very willing to do so just to witness our simple program which includes film-viewing, a small talk by Kuya Tim and Ate Danna and a break-out session.
While the film was ongoing, our ate and kuyas were busy preparing for the small talk afterwards and the rest of us were outside taking pictures, eating and just goofing around. I was the only 4th year at that time (they were second year students from a different college) but it’s great how I can spend such a wonderful time with them. Indeed, one of the secrets to stay and feel young is when you spend time with the “younger ones”. Hahaha Bumalik ako sa pagkabata with all their jokes and silly on-the-spot photoshoot. lol
It was really a success! And I am really proud of the LIFEBOX team who headed this event. I’m so happy and blessed to be part not only of this org but of this family ^^

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