Life Updates


November was jam-packed with activities and commitments and I still got a full sched until the second week of December! Concert, thesis, acads, etc. But rather than calling it toxic or busy days ahead, a friend told me that it would be better to describe it as  “productive”. Yeah, positive mindset, c’mon! :D

Anyway, a little recap of what I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks. Concert rehearsals have been taking most of my time especially now that it’s only a week away. So I’m at CPMP almost every day. Really excited for the concert, but a little worried/nervous as well! It’s my first performance in front of such a big crowd, so yeah…. *shrugs*

But the highlight of my November was the Victory Weekend! It was just amazing! Wow! The encounter was superb. From the preparation up to the day itself, every message was planted deep in my heart. And I believe someday, it’ll bear fruit. Things will be different, things will change for the better! There will be some things I need to let go in order to focus on Him and accept these wonderful changes.  Now,  I’m a new creation :) C’mon!

I really appreciate my Victory leader, counselor and friends. Thank you soooo much! I feel super blessed.

I thank God for this new found family ^^


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