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REST DAY! Been spending almost every single day at CPMP and now that it’s time to spend time at home, I’m totally bored. I think I really got used to the LRT-MRT rush and the hyper atmosphere at Center for Pop.

Last week was jam-packed with activities — everyday rehearsals, concert pictorial and voice check with the training manager. It was quite tiring but I really enjoyed spending time with the group. It’s sembreak so we’re making the most out of it. I just love it there — singing, performing with my fellow concert artists, meeting new friends and even just chatting with Kyra and Coach Donna during rehearsal breaks. Hahahaha

Last Saturday, we had our concert pictorial and it was reallyyyy fun but exhausting at the same time. We had 4 sets and I was wearing killer heels the whole day so….. I went straight to bed when I got home that night. Didn’t even bother to wash my sticky sprayed hair. lol.

Rehearsals in preparation for our voice check usually last for 4-5 hours. And last Monday, we had our voice check with the training manager. We were all very nervous while performing in front of her. Hahaha. But I think she’s kind. It’s just that she had to be strict for quality control before the concert :D

Anyway, I’m trying to balance my acads and concert activities. And hopefully, I’d do well juggling both plus other extra activities. That’s why, since I won’t have any rehearsals today I’d be helping with the DevSoc prodwork for our Ugnayan teambuilding next week. And on Monday, thesis mode — I have scheduled an interview! Finally.

BUSY BUSY BUSY SEMESTER BEFORE GRADUATION (hopefully, pleaseeee let this be the last! haha)

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