Learning Korean


Almost all my spare time is dedicated to studying Korean and I am so happy on my progress these past few days. Woohooo! ^^ I have been kstudying, as I call it, more than I usually do.  I always get the feeling of not wanting to do anything else but just study korean. NOTHING ELSE. Just wanna sit here, blog in korean, read korean, study korean, just anything related to Korean. Hahaha. I’ve never imagined myself this much in love with the language.

And here are my companions throughout the past year and 2 months that I’ve been seriously learning the language. I want to emphasize the word there because I’ve actually started in 2009 but stopped. And started from scratch only last June 2010. Of course, there were some little bumps in the road when I sometimes feel tired and lazy and neglect studying for a week or a month. lol

My 1st notebook:

My first notebook looks boring. Hahaha. So on my 2nd one, I used a lot of pens. :)))

My 2nd notebook:

Though I’ve been studying Korean for 1 year and 2 months, I’m still on my 2nd notebook. Told you, I was lazy. lol But since I’m loving all the colorful pens, I think I’m gonna fill this notebook in no time. ^^

14 thoughts on “MY KSTUDY NOTEBOOKS (1 and 2)”

  1. Recently, I’ve felt a major urge to study Korean. Reading this entry makes me want to study even more. ^^ It’s inspiring. I like your notebooks. They look well organized and colorful.

  2. From Angel Lynch @ learnkorean.com

    “Wow! Thanks for the inspiration!!!! I’ve been going for about 8 months now but the progress is not what I hoped for. In December I’ll be done with my BS and out of school for the first time in YEARS, so I’m guessing I will finally settle down and really get into it. But seeing your notebooks really made me feel good! I just bought a new one yesterday, and now i think I need to go get color pens!! lol!”

  3. wow! I really love your notebook!! I have a notebook just for my Kstudying (can i call it that too?)! hhaha.. but only 2 pages are used right now… and I’m planning to buy different colors of pens too!.. hahaha!! thank you for this wonderful post!!

  4. I bought different colored pens too two months ago for my Korean notebook but in the end, I didn’t get to use the pens coz I used pencils. I kinda want my notebooks to be neat, I don’t want any erasures so I use pencils. ㅋㅋㅋ

  5. I also use colorful pens in my Korean study notes .My wall is full of post it to remind me of some grammar pattern and vocabs I tend to forget.I call it a cheat wall.LOL.

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