Life Updates


Anyway, I will soon be deployed in Pangasinan with my groupmantes for our summer practicum. It’s a very different kind of practicum compared to other courses. And I’m so proud of it. Hahaha. To give an overview (for non-Filipino readers of my blog, I’ll try to explain it in English though I’m more comfortable in explaining it in Filipino. LOL), we will have our assigned areas/provinces where we will actually stay there for over a month and live with the masses. This way, we will not just base everything on books but have an in-depth personal experience and gain more understanding about their real situation and their lives — their source of living, how are they being exploited by those in power, what can we do, etc. (I feel I didn’t do justice in explaining it but anyway, there’s more significance to it than what I have just said. lol)

I think I won’t be having a difficult time adjusting or figuring out how things work in provinces or in farms since I came from the same place. Also, having to live with the people there would be a great experience for me. I believe people in the provinces are the best and most accommodating people in the world. ^^ They give you their best and treat you like a real guest even if you insist that you’re not. I should know, all of my relatives and even my dad and older brother live in the province and I spent almost all my younger days there. So if talking about chores, farm works or things like that, I think I’ll be fine. What I’m quite worried about is the actual data analysis and reports we have to do as our final output. Others say I should do well since my family’s inclined to social work (my mom has been part of an INGO for the past 20 years, my brother also worked in an NGO and the other one is a researcher) but actually I’m not really confident if I could actually do well. LOL. I still have a long way to go, there are still a lot of things to learn and a whole huge space for improvement. And so this practicum would certainly be one of the most important part of this course — actually doing what we learned at school.

Wish us luck!

** To all my batchmates, please be safe always :)

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