Learning Korean

우결로 한국어를 배움

Since I resumed studying Korean after the semester officially ended last week, I’ve been watching a lot of korean variety shows particularly 우리 결혼했어요/ “우결” (We Got Married). I prefer learning from variety shows not only because it’s really fun to watch but more so because the conversations are more natural. I learn a lot of new words and everyday expressions. I think it helps a lot especially if you want to learn how to speak like a native Korean. LOL. And through these variety shows, I can also practice my listening skills since I watch them without subtitles.

What I like about this method is the fact that I can pause the video to read the korean subs (which PDs really love to add in most korean variety programs) or go back to the part I didn’t understand and replay it over and over again ’til I get what they’re saying. I absolutely enjoy this kind of method in learning Korean.

I find Khuntoria couple’s episodes easier to understand. Though I watch them without subs, I can understand almost everything and I don’t need to pause or replay as much as I do with the other couple’s parts. Maybe because they’re foreigners (Khun’s Thai and Victoria is Chinese) and they’re also not native speakers. But even so, they’re still fluent in speaking Korean so they quite inspire me to go on and study harder to attain the level of fluency I want. When I watch them I keep thinking “Ah, people can really be fluent in a language. Must try harder and not give up!” Hahaha.


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