Life Updates



Woah. Time really flies, it’s already 2011. A year more to go ’til I finish school. Well uhm, hopefully. Hahahaha. Some of my future plans have changed but I’m still thinking about what to finally decide on. Anyway, I still got a year more to go to do that. Now, I’ll be resuming studying Korean and I’ll focus on studying languages this year. I guess, that’d be the path I’ll be taking in the future. There are times when I see myself as someone who starts something but never finishes them. And they say it’s still as if you’ve never started anything, you’ve just wasted your time. But now, I’m sure I’ve found what I’ve really wanted to do other than pursuing a career in line with my major, and that’d be studying foreign languages and eventually be able to apply ’em when I travel or live abroad.

Dreams and wishes. :D

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