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I arrived at Kuala Lumpur around 1am. Ate Jam, a family friend, arrived 3 hours earlier from Yangon. She just waited for me at the airport so that we can go and find our hotel together.

We waited for the AirAsia Aerobus to arrive. I think they operate 24 hours but we didn’t know because their ticket counter was closed so we waited at the airport for 3 hours. Then I remembered that there is a bus terminal in front so we walked there and spotted the aerobus. If we just knew we wouldn’t have wasted 3hours. You can just hop in and buy your ticket from the airasia crew for 9RM (approx. 3USD). You can also check your AirAsia ticket if it’s included there because you can book their aerobus online, too.

The aerobus will take you to KL Sentral (approx. 75mins). Don’t worry if you have huge luggages with you because KL transportation is really very convenient. In my experience, anytime of the day (even rush hour) there aren’t so much people in LRTs.

Going to Reggae Hotel

KL Sentral is quite a big station. It’s like a mini-airport. There are even small restaurants and stores inside the station.

Ticket/Card Machines

When you arrive at KL Sentral, you have to go up to the second floor. Go inside the station and at your left side, near Secret Recipe Restaurant, there are ticket/card machines.Going to Reggae Hotel, you have to get off Pasar Seni stationwhich is just one station away from KL Sentral. Then at Pasar Seni Station, just cross the street and you’ll find 7-eleven, turn left and there’s Reggae Guest House 2. You can also walk straight from there, about a block away, and you’ll find Reggae Guest House 1.Reggae Guest House is a very convenient place to stay located just 2 blocks away from China Town. The staff are very accommodating and the place is also very clean. You can spend the night for only 10-15USD or 30-45RM depending on what type of room you prefer and with free bread and coffee for breakfast. At first I wasn’t really comfortable with the idea of a shared bathroom but I guess it’s all fine since it’s really clean and you can still feel privacy somehow. LOL. The guests are very friendly as well.

The thing I appreciate the most is the hotel’s location. It’s very near restaurants and the station, which is just a ride away from KL Sentral where you can easily connect to other railway lines as well. It’s a good deal for a cheap price.

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