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Woke up too early today so I feel like blogging. Will be leaving for Kuala Lumpur tomorrow evening but it feels like it still isn’t real for me. Hahaha. Because when classes ended, I already made up my mind on what things to do over the month-long break — learn how to drive, go with my friends to Laguna, etc. And suddenly I received a random message from my sooo random mother saying she wants me to go see her in Myanmar and we’ll both fly to Cambodia on the first week of November. And ofcourse, who wouldn’t want that? Especially for me, everyone knows I LOVE TO TRAVEL. A LOT. At first, I thought it was just some kind of a joke but without me even noticing we were already talking about the dates, itinerary and boom! I got tickets emailed to me. LOL.

After that Asian tour I had last summer (alone), I thought the next time I’d get to travel will be after my graduation which is like more than a year from now. Never thought I’d get to write more travel blogs this year. YAY!


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
– It’d be my second time in KL but I didn’t really get to go around the city the first time I went there. So I wanna do that this time. LOL. And oh, if I still got time, I wanna take a bus to Singapore.

Yangon, Myanmar
– Thought last summer was the last time I’d get to visit Yangon. But now, it’d be my third.

Bangkok, Thailand
– I really fell in love with this city. The cleanliness, the transpo (especially the free bus I experienced last summer) and the SHOPPING MALLS! ^^No wonder it’d be my fifth visit. The place is just plain awesome!

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Siem Reap, Cambodia
– First time on both places. Mom’s gonna be graduating from one of the universities in Phnom Penh (second MA). She’ll be going on November for her thesis defense. I hope I’d get to sit in and see how great she is. LOL .

Excited meeee ^^

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