Learning Korean


It sure is difficult and there will be times it’d get tiring and a language learner would want to give up but the fun thing about learning a new language is when you find yourself improving day by day — learning a new word/vocab each day and finally being able to use more and more sentence/grammar structures in your sentences..

I’ve started learning Korean about a year ago but I wasn’t really that serious back then that I eventually had to stop. I was also kinda busy so all of the things I learned were put into waste. Just this June 2010 when I got my interest back so I decided to start from scratch once again. It really was kinda hard but as I find myself finally understanding some Korean blogs and songs, even writing my own blog in Korean and being able to hold a decent conversation with some Korean friends, it really was an amazing feeling of fulfillment. At first, I rely a lot on my dictionary and it takes a lot of time for me to even construct a simple sentence but now everything just seems to pop out of my mind naturally. Subconsciously, I understand what the actors in the dramas are actually saying without subs and without taking so much time in translating it in my mind. If you know what I mean. ^^

What got me into this? Well, about 5 years ago, even before all this Korean craze here in the Philippines started, when all I do is rely on English subbed videos and just dance or sing with songs which I dun really have a single idea what it’s about, I’m already into KPOP and KDramas. But yeah, I wonder why I just started studying the language now? Why not 5 years ago? LOL.
Studying a language is not merely about the language itself. I think understanding the country’s culture as well is an important factor that you have to take up as you go on with the language learning journey.

But anyway, I still got a loooonggg way to go. I’m still far from being fluent. So I guess, I have to work harder. ^^

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