Life Updates


We all had our share of laughter and tears. We all had our own stories to tell from the very start and I’m glad we all tried our best to give time, sit down and just listen to one another. We listened to everything — from the funniest and most hilarious jokes of Kim to the most annoying rants of Anna and I. We all got used to Marian’s exaggerated reactions and April’s “let’s just go and waste money” moments. We’ve always been patient and understanding to one another no matter what. I don’t feel awkward when I’m with you guys because I know I can be just my self. We’re sooo honest to one another that we are also comfortable to make comments, good or bad, regarding each other’s looks or idea or whatever and even call each other names. LOL. Another proof of how strong this friendship is. It is truly one of a kind.

But of course, nothing’s perfect. We also had times when we don’t see eye to eye, our ideas and moods just won’t meet sometimes but I am proud to say that we never had these kinds of ‘arguments’ last for even a minute. Everything would be fine just by saying “Ano, san tayo kakain?”^^

Another thing this group makes me really proud and happy? We always say we’re a PACKAGE DEAL. Even if the professor would only require 3-4 members per group, we wouldn’t care and instead write all five of our names in the paper. ^^ No one’s left behind.

We’re a package deal.

From the very first day of this friendship, we unknowingly built a bond stronger than we’ve ever imagined. It wasn’t in our plan but here we are, still together after three years. Yes, three years and counting …

It’s a friendship worth keeping. It’s priceless.


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