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Sorry guys but I have to drown you with photos :)))

Oh no, I am soooo not in the middle of Sahara Desert! LOL Mom and I went for an early morning walk along Mekong River and just around Vientiane. I was really having a bad hair day so please forgive me. Hahaha And yeah, I was wearing a tee I got from Caresse as a Christmas gift and my all-time favorite UP shorts (which I sadly left in Myanmar. I’d just tell my sis-in-law to bring it for me).

There are lots of temples in Vientiane and one of which is the Inpeng Temple. We didn’t really had the chance to go inside so I just had to settle with this photo taken from outside the temple. During these morning walks with mom, I noticed there weren’t really a lot of people on the streets. I don’t know. It’s just kind of weird. Maybe I was just so used to the hustle and bustle of the metro. So I guess it’s still a good thing we were able to have peaceful morning walks and talks without too many cars and people around.ย 

After the looonggg walk we had that morning, we had or buffet breakfast at the hotel. It was the usual hotdogs, ham and cheese with coffee breakfast :) Ohyeah, with fruitssss. Sweet. Sweet.

We were just in time to witness Vientiane’s water festival. And I was really happy to be able to experience water festival here. It’s different from what I have experienced last year in Myanmar. In Vientiane, as far as what I’ve experienced, people were really nice not to throw too much water on us especially when we pretended to be looking at a map looking for directions. Hahahaha. Yes, our map was our shield! They were very nice not to soak the map. But of course, nobody’s safe during a water festival! We still got wet … but with permission! Haha. A nearby hotel were having fun with their foreign guests and when mom and I passed by, an american man asked me something along these lines “hey, have fun! Want to have just a bit of water?” and of course, how do you expect me to respond? Hahahaha! I just smiled as I always do. :D

Experiencing the INTENSE water festival in Yangon, Myanmar last year, I was really thrilled when I heard it’s the same in Vientiane. However, compared to the Water Festival I had in Yangon, Myanmar, I can consider the one in Vientiane really mild. Still it as FUUUN. There was water everywheeerreee.

After a while, we eventually joined the crowd! Spot my mom feeling all kiddie-giddy and joining the crowd celebrating the water festival. LOLOL

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