Laos, Travel, Vientiane


Another travel blog update after months!

I stayed in Laos on my own and on my 4th day I went to the airport to fetch my mom.

On the way to the airport I took several photos. I was riding the same car/jeep in the photo while taking this one. As you can notice with the first photo above, I went with a bun. Yez. A bun. Some of you might say it’s toooo 80s or something but when you go to Vientiane it was reallyyyy hoooot. So I just had to style my waist-long hair like that than to suffer from so much heat and sweat. Hahaha

When I got to the airport I was like an hour early so I just sat there, super bored. Then passengers started to come out but after almost 2 hours, my mom is nowhere to be seen. I was actually gettin worried so I decided to go to the office and ask for the list of passengers. And my mom’s name wasn’t there! Panic attack!!! Not knowing what to do next, I just went back to my hotel. SAAADDD. I thought I was gonna be with my mom after days of traveling alone. But….  :( Then after a while tada! there was a knock on my door and mom was there. She said there was a delay and change of flight. Soyeahhh. I left the airport just minutes before her plane arrive.

Then we went on our first dinner date in Vientiane at one of the many restos along the Mekong river. Yum.

And there was sooo many street shops just nearby. Many stuff to choose from but it was quite expensive and to think that they’re just selling almost the same things in Bangkok I thought I’d just buy in Bangkok because it’s cheaper. LOL. Kuripot much :P So instead, I just bought some souvenirs and pasalubongs for my family. :P

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