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April 9, 2010
I decided to do travel blogs for future reference and maybe as a sort of help to other travelers. Well, I just wanna share.  :D
When travelling with AirAsia, you still have to go to Clark, Pampanga where their terminal is located. You can ride a bus from EDSA. You can find PhilTranco Bus terminal there and they have an everyday schedule to the airport in Clark (Diosdado Macapagal Airport). I bought my bus ticket 3 days before my scheduled flight to KL but you can just also do it on the day itself. The bus will stop right in front of the departure entrance so no need to worry.

Keith accompanied me to the bus station. I got there earlier than the call time. So I had to wait.
Then when we got to the airport, it was still closed (?). HAHA.  We weren’t allowed to go inside ’til 9am. Just enough time to do everything before our flight sched.

What to do:
1. Luggage Check
2. Unlike in other countries, Airport Tax and Terminal Fee are not included when you purchase your ticket. So prepare some money when you travel from the Philippines to other places (domestic/international). After the luggage check, you can see a counter on your left, pay for your Airport Tax (PHP1620).
3. Check-in. While waiting for your turn, ask where to get the Departure Card. And you know what to do when you get one. :)
4. Terminal Fee (PHP700). It’s just right before the Immigration.
5. Immigration.
6. Final Luggage Check.
7. You’re done. You’ll just have to wait to board the plane :D
Manila – Kuala Lumpur: 4 hours
It really was a long trip. But I just slept the whole time. LOL. The flight attendants will give you your arrival/departure card which you’ll present to the Immigration officer when you arrive at KL.

When I got there, I had my money changed to RM and went out of the airport. Now, this is where my not-so-good experience started. Well, I think it’d be the trip’s worst part…

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