Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Travel


I went out of the airport and looked for the AirAsia service counter to double check my Ventianne ticket’s validity. I wasn’t feeling well so I did not wish to wait in the airport for 24 hours for my Ventianne, Laos trip the next day. So I lined up for taxi to go to Tune Hotel. The officer told me that they have a shuttle to go there which costs only 1RM. okayyy. so I went. But it’s fully booked. So I asked the agent there to help me find another hotel.ย ย 
… okay.
Nilai Hotel.
It costs 150RM + 50RM for the shuttle = 200RM or about 70-80USD.ย 
FAIL. Sorry mom. waaaaa. I won’t do it again. PROMISE! :D
I wasn’t able to sleep well, thinking about it. :( So I have to work hard and help mom do some paperworks. HAHA.
Ayoko na ata pag-usapan to. Naiinis ako. HAHAHA. Wrong move. tsk.
Lesson learned. Lesson learned. Lesson learned.
Note: There are cheaper hotels in KL Central. A whole LOT cheaper.

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