Bangkok, Thailand, Travel


While we were in Bangkok, we stayed at the D&D Inn in Khao San Road. Khao San is probably one of the busiest streets in Bangkok. I swear, be it during broad daylight, evening or even at dawn. It’s just crazy there. HAHA. It’s one of the top places where most foreigners choose to stay maybe because of the bars and restaurants around the place, the delicious street foods and its lively-party atmosphere.

STREET FOOD. Yuummm.ย 


You gotta love these.ย I really loved food trippin’ there. HAHAHA. Also, you can always find 7/11 stores at almost every corner. So you can easily buy anything you need. McDonalds is at the other end of the street where big HUGE mac and extra SUPER large fries and drinks are available. lol

When walking along the street, you can stop by shops selling souvenirs and other stuff. I say, you can almost find everything you want or need at Khao San Rd. — bookshops, souvenir stores, clothes etc. :D

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