Myanmar, Travel, Yangon


 With my students and co-teachers during the PLE training.
I’ve always loved doing volunteer jobs. So last summer ’09, I went to Myanmar and volunteered in an English school there. I taught English, wrote the school paper and also helped with the activities and the PLE training. During my stay there, I noticed my students were really shy. Of course I know that their culture’s different from ours so they haven’t had any Foundation Day or any activities at their school. So I decided to conduct some activities that might help them go out from their shells and be able to share their hidden talents. With the help of the other teachers, we had their very first Foundation day. It was really a blast! We had a mini-search for Mr. & Ms. CDE — complete with talent portions and Q&A. HAHAHAHA. Isn’t it nice?
During our Foundation Day.
I was really glad that the students happily participated in the activity . They helped me with the preparations and finally, they were able to show what they got. But well, I only spent 2 months there and before I left and went back here in the Philippines, I had a trip with my students to some amusement parks in Yangon. We even went to this in-door amusement park and tried the horror house! Hahahaha. And ofcourse we ended the day in a VIP karaoke lounge sponsored by one of my students! Wowowow!
It’s nice to see how different it is compared to what we have here in Pinas. But spending the day with my students is really great! I miss them already! I don’t know if I can ever see them again :((
After going inside the horros house. FUN AND SCARYYY

After my trip with my students, my sis-in-law and I went to Utopia to meet my brother, Tita Joy and Christine. Then we went to Kandawgyi park and spent an hour or two there. The place was really refreshing and peaceful. There are also small restaurants inside the park where you can rest and have a chat with your friends.

 At Kandawgyi Park.
Mostly because of my volunteer work and the times I spent with my students. I really hope I could see them again!

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