I was only 15years young when I got to travel alone. Yes, ALONE. I love the feeling of being independent and doing new things. I so love adventure. That’s why. Then a year after, I had my very first international flight.

I love to travel A LOT. It might be tiring to some people, but I enjoy it. Really. And I have a collection of key chains from the places I’ve been to.

Discovering new things and places, taking pictures, trying different styles/fashion, shopping, meeting new people, getting lost, finding your way, learning the language, trying out different kinds of dish and such always make me want to travel more and more. There are lots of places I want to visit, and hopefully one day I’ll get to walk on the busy streets of Thailand, enjoy the beautiful sunset in Jeju Island, Korea, shop in China, experience a white Christmas in Japan and more. Well, someday.

So I’ve decided to write entries about the places I’ve been to. I’ll try my best to include pictures, too. I dunno. I just want to, okayyy — I like keeping memories in a blog. HAHA. Someday, when I get older, it’d be fun reading these posts again.

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