I downloaded the movie as well as the drama version of KOIZORA.
It’s a Jdrama which is about the real-life story of Mika, a typical higschool girl who experienced many unbelievably sad events. YEAH. Can’t believe it could actually happen in real life. Her experiences would definitely make you CRYYYY.

Being a Kdrama addict, I cried lots of times because of some particular series and this ain’t the first Jdrama I’ve watched that made me cry. But the story was sooo GREAT. It really is. The lead actors portrayed their characters really well.

Aragaki Yui – MIKA
**She’s really pretty. There are angles that she looked like 문근영 or 한채영.
Miura Haruma – HIRO
** HOT. I guess that’d sum up everything XDDD

I’ll not write much about the story coz I wouldn’t want to spoil a veryyy good drama. Just go watch it yourself. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Definitely.

The last Jdrama I’ve watched was 1litre of tears which was also a tear-jerker. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get over it and RYO NISHIKIDO. But hey, KOIZORA and MIURA HARUMA proved me wrong.

Haven’t watched the series yet ‘coz I still got headache from watching its movie version. It’s super nakakapanghina.

More pics:

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